Why Wilson?

People start but do not finish.

"As an international instructor of 20k students from around 150+ countries, I have observed this procrastination plague in new generation at first hand. At any eLearning portal, completion rates in online courses are generally low, averaging around 13%."
                                ~ Mirza Hyder Baig

The problem of procrastination is not just limited to academia or lifestyle, it’s everywhere. Anyone who overcomes this problem has undoubtedly the best chance to be successful.

Many solutions have been proposed in the past, thousands of articles were made, innumerous motivational videos are made and are accessible to everyone. But still people procrastinate big time.

The best solution is to break the overall commitment into smaller milestones and complete them. Again, if we leave it on self, we end up not doing the work completely. Hence there must be some other person/entity kicking us on each milestone. Well, you don’t want people to yell at you, isn’t it? Almost all of us are incapable of handling criticism from others. In some cases, the other person might already have made a negative bias and we do not find who can provide constructive feedback on what went wrong. So, how do we solve these issues arising out of main issue of procrastinating.

Here comes the ‘WILSON’, who will keep you on toes for achieving your goals without judging you. WILSON utilizes block chain technology at its core for making a decentralized platform which can help people overcome procrastination. Here’s how it works:


  1. The User Commits a goal and sets a few milestones.
  2. User Stakes WILL tokens for the complete commitment.
  3. The system divides the total stake by the number of milestones. This provides the number of tokens to be returned to the User if he completes the milestone on time, else these tokens will be burnt and will forever be lost without anyone’s control.
  4. Total rewards to verifiers would be issued based on the total WILLs staked by the user.
  5. Each milestone can be voted with a three-vote power weight (this is not necessarily 3 votes, but the VP should be 3).
In short, you deposit real money in the form crypto. You get it back only if you achieve the milestone or else your money would be burnt. This will keep any procrastinater motivated.

This is healthy for tokenomics as WILL token price moves up under the standard both conditions:
  1. If users complete the goal, their productivity would increase. Hence more and more people would adopt WILSON and stake them in committments leading to the token price increase.
  2. If users doesn't complete the goal, their productivity decreases, it's sad. But even in this case WILSON value grows as the committed WILL tokens would be burnt leading to decrease in supply of token.


ICO Sale Platform
ICO timeframe
TBD, 2022 - TBD, 2022
Acceptable currencies
Number of tokens for sale
2100000 WILL
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